4 Reasons Why Winter is the best time to plant

I always tell customers that winter is truly the best time to plant. Often it is received with skepticism and shock.

We have all been told that you can’t plant in winter or that the survival rate will decrease and also the typical “it’s too cold outside for your plants”.

Well you have been lied to.

According to a article written by the website treehugger, here are 4 reasons why winter is the best time to plant.

1. Plants are dormant in the winter, which means they are not actively growing. Because they are “sleeping,” they suffer less transplant shock when planted while they are in this condition than if they were “awake” and actively growing.

2. When plants are dormant, they require significantly less water when they are in active growth in the spring, summer and even in the fall. In addition, there tends to be more rain in the winter than in the other three seasons, which is a welcome benefit to any gardener’s water bill. However, watering in newly planted plants is a necessary step, so don’t forget to do that regardless of the season.

3. Bugs and plant diseases are not active in cold weather. This means that when you put new plants in the ground in winter, you don’t have to worry about insects chewing away at the leaves or black spots or mildew appearing from seemingly nowhere.

4. Planting in winter gives plants a chance to acclimate to their new homes and start early root growth in the spring before the summer heat arrives.

So that means that right now is the best time to install plants!

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